The Technology

Universal Magnetic Systems LLC offers a new class of iron cobalt superparamagnetic nanoparticles with four to eighteen times greater magnetic moment compared to currently available iron oxide particles of comparable size. These unique, highly magnetic nanoparticles provide UMS customers with faster, more effective, and more powerful means of isolating bio – target materials.


The small size of 5 nm to 15 nm and uniform size distribution of these iron cobalt nanoparticles facilitate faster attachment and more rapid collection of the particles to the target bimolecules. The high strength magnetic nanoparticles produced by UMS consist of common materials, iron and cobalt, synthesized by novel patent pending methods. These high magnetic moment nanoparticles are functionalized by covalently bonding the nanoparticles to polymers.  They then can be applied to separation and isolation of antigens, proteins, and peptides. Other applications include cell separation and flow cytometry.


Various surface coatings can be customized to meet specific customer needs.  UMS high magnetic moment nanoparticles, covalently bonded to polymers with latent functional groups, can be subsequently optimized for further modification to meet individual customer requirements.


Currently available coatings include polystyrene, polyethylene glycol (PEG) functionalized with carboxyl groups, and PEG functionalized with thiol groups.  These nanoparticles are covalently bonded to the polymers.  Since the covalently bound polymers will not separate from the nanoparticles, a latent functional group remains available for further modification.


The polymer used to synthesize the nanoparticle – polymer unit can be chosen to optimize size.  For example, PEG, consisting of 1000 repeat monomers, covalently bonded to an iron cobalt nanoparticle has an effective hydrodynamic diameter, determined by dynamic light scattering, of 37 nanometers.  For applications requiring a longer or shorter diameter, the length of the polymer can be altered.


Exciting research applications for UMS’ high magnetic moment, superparamagnetic nanoparticles include cancer research and treatment, cell tracking, and pharmaceutical development. Universal Magnetic Systems welcomes customer inquiries for specific research applications.

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